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Pandora Morris - Mental Health Activist

Pandora Morris

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Welcome to Hurt to Healing, the podcast where I, Pandora Morris, create a safe space for guests to bravely open up about their struggles, often sharing their experiences for the first time.
From PTSD to anxiety, imposter syndrome to addiction, Hurt to Healing fearlessly addresses mental health topics openly without judgment or stigma. By opening up these conversations, my aim is to offer solace and comfort to you, our listeners, nurturing the growing community of Hurt to Healing.

Every Tuesday, dive into our weekly interview episode, where I engage in insightful conversations with guests and experts. But that's not all – on Thursdays, join us for 'Healing 101 expert' episodes, where I interview doctors and leading experts about various therapeutic methods (e.g., CBT, NLP, and EMDR) or specific mental disorders. These bite-size episodes provide profound insights, equipping listeners with valuable knowledge about mental health.
I hope this podcast fosters a community where healing is not just a goal but a shared journey.



Despite certain conditions being spoken about more openly than ever before, a lot of shame still surrounds those who are suffering and there are still a lot of disorders which aren’t recognised or seen as being worthy of attention. This is what I want to change with the Hurt to Healing podcast.

- Pandora-

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With insightful interviews, and honest conversations, Hurt to Healing features well-known names and leading health experts, including Joanna Lumley, Spencer Matthews and Ruby Wax.

Season 5 has is live now!


All of our podcasts are available as transcripts - please get in touch for details

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Pandora is very proud to be partnering with Shout, the UK’s free 24/7 mental health text support service and hopes that any of her listeners that might be struggling will be encouraged to seek support.

Shout is the UK's first and only free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope.

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