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Meet Pandora

Hurt to Healing's host, Pandora Morris, is a mental health activist and former lawyer - she has lived expertise in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD

Through raw and honest conversations, Pandora's own candour and bravery inspires the same of her podcast guests. She shares her own daily challenges, encouraging her guests to reveal their own mental health battles and triumphs. There is something truly unique in this safe space created by Pandora – her guests discuss their hurt to healing experiences, and well-known names share their struggles... sometimes for the first time.


Pandora's own extraordinary mental health story began when she was just a child. Feeding off one another, Pandora's OCD and eating disorder manifested with restrictive eating and chronic overexercising. She would run twenty miles a day, go on bike rides in the middle of the night and had to start her days with a swim in the sea which once saw her hospitalised with hypothermia.

Portrait photo of Pandora Morris sitting on the stairs

Pandora's uphill battle has been complicated by years of misdiagnosis and a lack of understanding of OCD.

In the UK alone, reported cases of OCD have risen to a staggering 1 million.


As part of her own healing, she’s travelled the world working with OCD experts and made it her mission to support others on their path to mental health recovery.

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