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Online Mental Health Resources

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Our online mental health resources are here to help and guide you on your mental health journey. Pandora is partnered with Shout, the UK’s free 24/7 mental health text support service and hopes that any of her listeners that might be struggling will be encouraged to seek support.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis with an immediate risk to life please call the emergency services on 999.

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These links will take you to the Shout website for further guidance on the topics

Further Help & Support


What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)?

BDD describes a disabling preoccupation with perceived defects and flaws in ones appearance. It affects all genders and makes sufferers excessively self conscious.

I interviewed Charlie King, ambassador for the BDD Foundation about his lived experiences with BDD.

Listen here >'Charlie King shares his experience of living with body dysmorphia'

Head to the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation website for further help & support.


What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

OCD is a debilitating and paralysing condition. Users experience intensely negative and repetitive intrusive thoughts combined with a chronic feeling of doubt or anger  (obsessions) and try to negate this and quiet the thoughts with repetitive actions and rituals (compulsions)

I have struggled all my life with OCD and found the lack of understanding frustrating which spurred me to seek alternative therapies and support others through my podcast. I talk about my own struggles with long term family friend Anneka Rice.

Listen here > 'An interview with Anneka Rice on my mental health journey'

Head to the OCD ACTION website for further support and guidance.

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