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Relationships, Eating Disorders and Self-acceptance

I'm thrilled to have Gemma Oaten, former Emmerdale actress, radio presenter, and CEO of Seed Support UK, as my first guest of the new series.

In this insightful interview, Gemma discusses the impact of eating disorders on relationships, addressing questions like how her anorexia affected her body image, the evolution of close relationships during her struggle, and pivotal moments that reshaped her perspective on food and control.

Gemma also shares her journey towards self-acceptance, the role of SEED in repairing connections, and offers valuable advice to parents and those currently battling eating disorders.

Relationships, Eating Disorders and Self-acceptance



It was pure hatred, pure hatred. I absolutely despised myself. I was completely obsessed with...I wasn't even obsessed wasn't calories because I didn't even know what calories where, like I was so...there was no diet, there was no like build up to this point, I loved food. Food was like a massive part of my life because I was so active. So, it was never about the calorie counting or at that point or checking foods and everything. I just was obsessed with making my body disappear, and I used to look in the mirror for hours on end, hating myself. I used to get in the car and if we had to go anywhere, I'd pull the car seat belt so tight that I'd end up bruising myself like that is how much I hated me being here

Gemma Oaten

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